12 Apr 2021 to 14 Apr 2021

The International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS) has the aim of providing an overview of the existing information systems to serve different users in ocean science. It also shows the progress in the development of efficient: infrastructures for managing large and diverse data sets, standards, interoperable information systems, services and tools for education.

The Conference introduced different systems for on-line access to data, meta-data and products, communication standards and adapted technology to ensure platforms interoperability. Sessions focussed on infrastructures, technologies and services for different users: environmental authorities, research, schools, universities, and others.

Blue-Cloud at IMDIS 2021

Blue-Cloud Demonstrator: A machine learning approach to derive plankton biomass and diversity products from the Global Ocean (download the slides)

Patricia Cabrera, VLIZ - Zoo and Phytoplankton EOV Products Demonstrator

Keynote - Virtual Research Environments supporting the sustainability of global fisheries (download the slides) 

Anton Ellenbroek and Anne-Elise Nieblas, Fisheries Division, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) - Fish, a matter of scales Demonstrator

Blue-Cloud: Developing a marine thematic EOSC cloud to explore and demonstrate the potential of cloud-based open science in the domain of ocean sustainability (download the slides)

Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, Trust-IT Services - About Blue-Cloud

The event was organised by NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research), jointly with IFREMEROGS and IOC/IODE, in the frame of the SeaDataCloud project.

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