09 Feb 2022

Join us for the final “Pitching & Award Event” of the Blue-Cloud Hackathon! Watch the video-pitches delivered by the Teams, follow a thrilling Q&A session with the Teams & Judges, vote for your favourite idea and get ready to discover the Winners of the hackathon!

Agenda (all times CET)

  • 16:00 - Welcome to the Blue-Cloud Hackathon’s Pitching & Award Event!
  • Overview of participation, ideas & finalist Teams

    • Julia Vera (Seaescape Belgium)
    • Michele Erba & Hugo Espinosa (Kreativdistrikt)
  • Video-pitching and Q&A session with Judges 

    • Video-pitches of Finalist Teams
    • Judges: Massimiliano Assante (CNR-ISTI) · Emilio Campana (CNR) · Othman Cherkaoui Dekkaki (AANChOR) · Silvia Dalla Costa (EEA) · Ghada El Serafy (Deltares) · David Mills (Bangor University) · Elisa Ravagnan (NORCE) · Dimitri Schuurman (IMEC) · Barbara Sierman (Digital Preservation)
  • 17:15 - Jury deliberations & voting session for “Blue-Cloud Blue Skies Award”

    • Judges will retreat to finalize their evaluations, based on responses from Teams 
    • Virtual poll for attendees to cast a “popular” vote on their favourite Team & idea
  • 17:45 - Announcement of Winners & closing messages

    • David Mills (Bangor University)
    • Elisa Ravagnan (NORCE) 
    • Dimitri Schuurman (IMEC)
    • Kate Larkin (Seascape Belgium)
    • Sara Pittonet (Trust-IT, Blue-Cloud Project Coordinator)
  • 18:00 - Close
Event Type: 
Blue-Cloud Event