Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs for demonstrating cross-domain web-based open science - Info session

08 Jun 2023

In this Blue-Cloud Training Academy webinar on #WorldOceanDay, we are going to learn more about two of the Blue-Cloud 2026 Virtual Labs, "Carbon-Plankton Dynamics" and “Integration of Coastal Ocean observations along Europe”. Register now!

VRE Hands-on workshop

13 Jun 2023 to 15 Jun 2023

A hands-on workshop for Blue-Cloud 2026 consortium members where VRE services for supporting VLabs and Workbenches will be explained in detail with practical sessions

WEkEO Hackathon

22 Jun 2023 to 23 Jun 2023

The WEkEO Hackathon aims to support creative and data-skilled people in conceiving tools to improve climate resilience and positively impact our environment. During the hackathon, teams will be able to unlock all the WEkEO platform features to develop their projects, guided by coaches and mentors.

Blue-Cloud 2026 2nd General Assembly meeting

08 Nov 2023 to 09 Nov 2023

The Blue-Cloud 2026 team is gathering together for its 2nd General Assembly (GA) meeting, which takes place in Rome (Italy) from 8 to 9 November 2023. The meeting provides an opportunity for the consortium to discuss the work performed in the first year of the project and the upcoming activities to be done towards a successful implementation of the project.