Laurent Delauney is coordinator of the EU project JERICO-S3 and of the EU project JERICO-DS (Design Study). Laurent Delauney is in the coordination of the application to the ESFRI Roadmap of JERICO-RI (Joint European Research Infrastructure for Coastal Observation). He has worked at Ifremer Centre de Bretagne for 28 years on in-situ monitoring systems (1993 - up to now).
Originally, since 1993, Laurent Delauney’s fields of interest are sensors development for coastal autonomous monitoring stations and seabed observatories, biofouling protection for marine in situ sensors and transfer from research to PMEs of marine sensors developments and In situ Observation harmonisation process (Best Practices). He has participated to many EU Projects like ESONET, EMSO, HYPOX, Euro-ARGO, JERICO-FP7, NeXOS (SC member), JERICO-NEXT (SC member), ENVRI+ (Technical Innovation theme, Co-chair) and AtlantOS, JERICO-S3 and JERICO-DS (Coordinator) to diffuse Best Practices in metrology, antifouling technics for oceanographic sensors for autonomous monitoring systems and general strategy on monitoring for coastal and deep sea. He has participated in US Alliance For Coastal Technologies meetings on metrology aspects and antifouling techniques and participated in deployments and best practices to the Venus and Neptune Canada observatories.

Ocean Best Practice System