Julia Vera Prieto has worked within the environmental sector, as consultant and project officer for private organizations, like KPMG and Fundación Entorno, and held management positions in public institutions such as Fundación Biodiversidad. For 10 years, her career focused on advancing sustainability in the coastal and marine tourism industry as founding Partner of Travelecoology. In 2015, she was responsible for WILDSEA Europe, a network that brings together leading European Destination Management Organisations, NGOs and tourism operators to advance coastal and marine ecotourism. Over 5 years, she evolved the network through different EU funded projects, like the SOPHIE Project, while leading multiple-Partner consortiums. She has extensive experience in piloting stakeholder management and engagement processes and worked as external consultant for EU Interreg MED-funded initiatives. Julia joined Seascape Belgium’s team in September 2020 as Senior Expert and Project Officer assigned to the Blue Cloud Project.

Seascape Belgium